Wednesday November 2nd Betting Recap

MLB Picks for 11/02/22

8:03 PM EST
Astros -105 over Phillies (win)
The Phillies dominated the game last night with huge home runs. It’s crazy how one-sided that game was before the 6th inning, but is it possible the Phillies peaked out? Philly can’t possibly have a better performance than last night. This evening’s game will be less humid than last night and not as warm. I expect a low-scoring game, but I can’t take an under with how well both teams hit. Christian Javier has not allowed a run in his previous five starts, while Aaron Nola has been knocked out in his last two. Game four will likely be the first actual pitching duel of the series. Houston has to win, or it’s almost guaranteed Philly will win the world series. It’s not time to panic yet for Houston, but it might be at midnight. Look for Houston to come back strong as they did after the game-one loss. Take the Astros.