Wednesday February 1st Betting Recap

College Basketball Picks for 2/1/23

College Basketball
7:00 PM EST
Rotation #677
Georgia Tech -1.5 over Louisville (loss)
It’s tough for Louisville to generate any offense because they need better guard play and currently focus more on being bigger and stronger than anyone they play. It is only a recipe for success in basketball if you have a few ball-handers. No one person outside of Eli Ellis can move the ball. Georgia Tech is a balanced team with good guards. The Yellow Jackets are not a great team, but they should be able to beat a struggling team with a brand-new coach. Look for Devion Smith and Miles Kelly to take over the game tonight. Josh Pastner is the better coach and should lead his team to the road win. Take Georgia Tech.

College Basketball
8:30 PM EST
Rotation #707
Seton Hall -1.5 over St. Johns (win)
Seton Hall and St. John’s matchup well on paper, but St. John’s had a cupcake non-conference schedule and will have a tough time cracking the Pirates’ defense. St. Johns’ runs a NASCAR offense, but that can backfire against an outstanding defensive team that can use turnovers to generate points. Look for Kadary Richmond to force turnovers tonight and for Al-Amir Dawes and Tyrese Samuel to put up a lot of issues. St. John’s can overwhelm bad defensive teams, but not tonight against a top-10 defense. Take Seton Hall.