Tuesday March 30th VIP Picks

Michigan vs UCLA

College Basketball
9:57 PM EST
Rotation #660
Michigan -7 over UCLA (loss)
There are not many coaches that can brag that they got into the final four.  Juwan Howard really hasn’t paid his dues as a young coach, but he was a handed a team that is super talented.  UCLA has talent, but they lost a lot of their starters this year and I honestly can’t believe they came back to win the play in game let alone are in a position to get to the final four.  I think the public is in love with the PAC 12 right now yet after tonight all of those teams could be eliminated.   Michigan has the size advantage, the experience and the better shooting.  This UCLA team is young and now is coming up against a team that is great on offense as they get everyone involved and they are also great on defense.  Take Michigan.