Tuesday January 12th VIP Picks

Alabama vs Kentucky

College Basketball
9:00 PM EST
Rotation #637
Alabama +3 over Kentucky  (win)
Kentucky was 1-6 and as soon as SEC play hit they turned on the switch, but they didn’t exactly play the best teams.  The win over Florida was indeed impressive, but the Gators are going through issues with their own team after the scare they got last month.  Alabama is a veteran team that will play at a super turbo pace.  This team shoots a lot of three pointers and they are very aggressive.  Look for Alabama to overwhelm this young team.  Kentucky is getting better on defense, but I am not so sure their players will be able to defend the three ball or the long rebounds that come off misses.  Alabama is a team that will force turnovers against young teams as well.  This Kentucky lineup hasn’t played long enough together as a unit to start running the table in conference.  Take Alabama.