Thursday October 21st Betting Talk

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8:20 PM EST
Rotation #309
Broncos +1.5 over Browns (loss)
This is another quick discussion on overthinking things.  The Browns will be without their QB, top 2 running backs, their most talented receivers and 3 of their 5 starters on the offensive line are iffy to play.  The Browns are a unique team because their identity is running the football and controlling the clock.  That’s not going to happen tonight.  We will see penalties are screw ups.  Backup QB’s, backup running backs and makeshift offensive lines don’t win many games in this league.  If the Browns cover you take your loss and move on.  These scenarios don’t pop up much so you just put your bet in and let it play out.  The Broncos have struggled, but they still have  a quarterback, running backs and and offensive line that is not dealing with this many issues.   Cleveland will only win this game if Denver loses this game.  If the Broncos play conservative and chew up the clock they should win this game.  The good news is that’s their style of play anyway.  I just can’t see this team beating anyone of decent quality on a short week.  The Broncos are struggling, but are not even close to being in the same tier as a team like the Jets or Lions.  Cleveland doesn’t has the offense tonight to even be able to beat one of those teams.  Take Denver.