Thursday March 11th VIP Picks

Oregon State vs UCLA

College Basketball
5:30 PM EST
Rotation #735
Oregon State +5 over UCLA (win)
Oregon State has been overlooked this year, but they have the talented to pull an upset today against a less than healthy UCLA team.  The Beavers have a great three point defense and on offense they share the ball well and don’t turn the ball over.  If you can keep your possessions you have a chance to beat anybody on any given night.  UCLA is a very young team that lacks the senior leadership the Beavers have in a knockout game.   This Bruins team is just not very deep so if their star players don’t have great nights they can easily get upset.   Take Oregon State.

College Basketball
6:30 PM EST
Rotation #676
Rutgers -3 over Indiana (win)
Indiana in the past was always a decent three point shooting team, but this year they can’t hit the long ball.  The Hoosiers have good players, but they are not a great rebounding team and I just don’t think they have the physical toughness or athletic ability to stop Rutgers today.  The Scarlet Knights beat them up good in the last meeting and went on a monster run for the last half of the game.  They proved they were the better team.  Rutgers is healthier and has the size and strength advantage.   Geo Baker and Ron Harper should dominate.  Take Rutgers. 

College Basketball
8:30 PM EST
Rotation #738
USC -6.5 over Utah (loss)
A major flaw this time of year for Utah is their lack of rebounding.  Once you start getting these back to back to back like games teams legs start to go.  Utah is already such a poor rebounding team that the athletic ability USC brings will be way too much for them tonight.  This is a Utes team that is not good from the three point line so they have to shoot such a high percentage just to win games.  USC has a better offense and a better defense.  This team is awesome on the glass.  Look for Utah to get no second chance looks and look for USC themselves to create tons of second chance points on the offensive end.   The Trojans hit the transfer scene hard and it has paid off.  Take USC.