Sunday February 2nd VIP Picks

Super Bowl LIV Pick

Super Bowl
6:30 PM EST
Rotation #101-102
49ers/Chiefs Under 54 (win)
Before we get wrapped up in the bright lights and the title of the Super Bowl we have to realize this is just another football game.  The 49ers have the #1 Defense in all of football.  The Chiefs are one of the best teams at defending wide receivers.  We have two talented QB’s in this game, but let’s not forget they are indeed still very young.  San Francisco has a front four that does not blitz and they still get pressure on the QB.  This is a defense that is great on 3rd down and doesn’t allow teams into the red zone much.  This is also a team that allows the least amount of big plays.  The Chiefs Defense is not as good, but they do have great pass rushers and they don’t allow a lot of big plays to wide receivers.  I don’t think either team is going to hit for many long homerun type passing plays.  The 49ers run the ball a lot which chews up the clock.   Jimmy Garoppolo has not been called upon to do much and when he does it is quick passes to the tight ends or running back.  The 49ers strength is the ability to get the ball out quick to the TE or RB’s in addition to their rock solid running game.   The Chiefs offensive advantage edge will be Patrick Mahomes to move the chains with his legs.  San Francisco is so good at keeping everything in front of them.  The longer a drive takes the more likelihood a team will turn the ball over, create a dumb penalty or settle for a FG.  I don’t think this is going to be a defensive battle, but I do think it’s very odd that Vegas would make a total this low.  They do know the public was going to pound the over and that is exactly what they are doing.  In my opinion this is one of those games that we will sweat out and the under will cash by just a few points.  Both teams have a lot of veteran defenders that are being overlooked because of the big named offensive players being showcased.   Vegas is not in the business of handing away money on the grandest stage of them all.   Enjoy the game.  Take the Under.