Sunday December 20th VIP Picks

Eagles vs Cardinals

1:00 PM EST
Rotation #342
Colts -7 over Texans (push)
The Texans had a chance to win the previous matchup down on the goal line and then the Texans did what the Texans do.  They screwed up! Houston has so much talent that is not being utilized in the correct way.  Romeo Crennel and his staff play football the old fashion way.  The Colts know they dodged a bullet a few weeks ago so they won’t take this team lightly.  Houston is banged up in the running game and I just don’t see Watson playing four solid quarters on the road.  The Colts have so much to play for and should be the better team on both sides of the ball.  Philip Rivers should torch the worst passing defense in the NFL and Jonathan Taylor should gash the worst rushing defense in the NFL.  Even if the Texans come out and match the Colts score for score all it takes is one play for their offense to go into shutdown mode and 25 minutes of no points.  Take the Colts.

1:00 PM EST
Rotation #359-360
Jags/Ravens Over 48 (win)
This is kind of a weird matchup.  Jacksonville gets Gardner Minshew back today and believe it or not this offense does have some quick strike hitters.  James Robinson has been an impressive running back and the receivers are pretty good.  Baltimore has an excellent defense, but they do have a lot of injuries in the secondary.  Jacksonville might hang around longer than people think.  This is also a perfect game for Baltimore to work on their passing game.  They are going to need to throw the ball come playoff time.  The Jags Secondary is the perfect confidence boost as it’s as bad as it gets. Take the Over.

4:05 PM EST
Rotation #364
Cardinals -6 over Eagles (win)
Jalen Hurts is making his first road start.  I know the Eagles won last week against the Saints, but it was a day their defensive line couldn’t get any pressure and remember they were not with a typical QB as Drew Brees was still out.  The Cardinals will be able to move the ball with the duel threat ability of Kyler Murray.  The key in this game is the Eagles Secondary.  I have never heard of some of these cornerbacks playing due to injury.  Kyler Murray will role out of the pocket and with time for his receivers to break open they will absolutely light up this secondary.  We have that going for us and again it’s Jalen Hurts first road game.  This Eagles Offensive Line has been banged up this entire year and I would be shocked if they can stay in this game.  Take the Cardinals.

8:20 PM EST
Rotation #361
Browns -6.5 over Giants (win)
The Browns are a frustrating team to bet on.  4 times this year they had a cover in the bag and blew it in dramatic fashion.  The Browns lost last week, but we know this team is for real and they need a punching bag.  The Giants are banged up big time in the back end of their secondary and on offense Colt McCoy gets the start for Daniel Jones today.  I just don’t think the GMen can stay in this game without the extra ability Daniel Jones would have brought with his legs today.  Cleveland has a great front seven that is going to get after McCoy tonight.  The Browns are the more talented football team and the much healthier football team.  Take Cleveland.

College Basketball
6:30 PM EST
Rotation #735
Georgetown +4 over St. John’s (loss)
Both teams were 5-13 in the Big East last year tied for 8th place.  At this point in the season I like the Georgetown transfers better than the young freshman the Red Storm have.  The Hoyas lineup has the experience edge and should win on the glass.  I like this teams ability to spread the ball around and their 3 point shooters are a little better as well.  The wrong team is favored.  Take Georgetown.