Saturday March 6th VIP Picks

Coastal Carolina vs Troy

College Basketball
8:30 PM EST
Rotation #706
Coastal Carolina -8 over Troy (win)
Coastal Carolina is good at just about everything except they do have an issue with turning the ball over.  The good news is Troy is just as bad at coughing it up.  Troy is just not a good offensive basketball team.  This is a squad that can’t shoot and can’t share the ball.  This should be the end of the road for them in the Sun Belt Tournament.  Coastal Carolina is a superior basketball team that has the better scorers and physically superior athletes.  Take Coastal Carolina.

College Basketball
9:30 PM EST
Rotation #707
Appalachian State +3.5 over Texas State (win)
Texas State is the #1 seed in the Sun Belt, but I question if they are the better team in this game.  Appalachian State has the size edge and the better shooters.   Texas State has a great defense that has carried them, but they are not a good 3 point shooting team and one thing on defense they are not good at is defending the 3 point line.  The Mountaineers are a great defense as well.  This Appalachian State team should have a few advantages today on the glass and I believe will win this game outright.  Justin Forrest is a great guard that can take over games.  Take Appalachian State.

College Basketball
11:00 PM EST
Rotation #677
Utah State -9 over Fresno State (loss)
This should be a pretty boring defensive game, but I don’t think Fresno is going to be able to hang on the offense end as they can’t make three pointers,  they don’t share the ball well and they don’t protect the ball.  It’s going to be hard for the Bulldogs to match each point the Aggies put on the board.  Fresno State can beat teams that don’t have their physical ability, but Utah State is a tough and physical team that is well coached.   Look for the Aggies to win the edge on the boards tonight and to turn Fresno State over like crazy.  Take Utah State.