Saturday March 30th Betting Recap

Picks for 3/30/24

College Basketball
8:49 PM EST
Rotation #654
Alabama -3.5 over Clemson (win)
As we get deeper into March, one thing that stands out about Alabama is the bench. The Crimson Tide’s reserves are the best left in the tournament by a large margin. Conversely, Clemson’s bench is the weakest left in March. Players’ bodies are almost to the breaking point forty games into the year. The Crimson Tide can bring players off the bench without a dip in their production. Clemson has been a surprise, but statistically, they are the least talented team left in the field. Alabama has been the best offensive team in the country. Grant Nelson is a game away from being a household name. The Tigers’ defense has stepped up in the tournament, but they won’t be able to steal enough possessions and turn them into fast break points to keep it close. Take Alabama.