Saturday January 16th VIP Picks

Packers vs Rams

4:35 PM EST
Rotation #302
Packers -6.5 over Rams (win)
The Rams have serious question marks on offense.  Jared Goff was not supposed to play last week, but John Wofford was knocked out of the game.  The Rams were able to feast on a bad Seahawks Defense.  The Packers don’t have a great defense, but the real question for me is the weather.  Jared Goff has metal pins in his hand which doesn’t seem to fun in cold weather.  Goff is not used to playing in cold weather and in the past just has not been that productive in it.  The Rams running backs also are not used to cold weather.  If this game was in any other conditions I would say the Packers would be favored by too much today, but the chilly weather will effect this Rams team.  Aaron Rodgers has been amazing this year.  This is a team that is rolling with the #1 rated offense.  Rodgers is tops in so many categories and this offensive line is good enough to at least disrupt this Rams front four enough for Rodgers to get rid of the ball and avoid sacks.  David Bakhtiari  is a big loss on this offensive line and might effect them at some point in this game, but I just don’t think the Rams will have enough offense to keep the pace.  Take Green Bay.

8:15 PM EST
Rotation #304
Bills -2.5 over Ravens (win)
Lamar Jackson got the playoff monkey off his back, but so did the Buffalo Bills.  There is a football game to play today and we all know how one dimensional this Ravens team is.  During the regular season it doesn’t matter because they are so good at running the football, but they are facing a stacked defense today in Buffalo.  I am interested to see how Jackson moves in this cold weather.  There will be decent winds tonight as well.  Josh Allen has a cannon of an arm so it won’t effect him, but I question Jackson when he needs to throw against this very good secondary.  Buffalo is the best team in the NFL at converting third downs.  Josh Allen is a nightmare to stop as he is a duel threat just like Jackson is on the other side.  This Buffalo team will have a healthier Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley and will be facing a Ravens Defense that does struggle against the play action pass.  I think the Ravens are going to get themselves into trouble by blitzing as much as they do.  Allen will set up screen plays for big gains.  I don’t like the Ravens style of football.  i could be wrong, but it just seems like it’s built to only go so far.  Buffalo is the more complete team.  Take the Bills.