Saturday February 6th VIP Picks

Iowa State vs Oklahoma

College Basketball 
12:00 PM EST 
Rotation #603
Iowa State +14 over Oklahoma (win)
I look at the Iowa State lineup and their coaching staff and am baffled to why they are not a better basketball team.  Oklahoma has been shorthanded the last few games and have stepped up against great competition.  This is team is going to be a tough out in the tournament, but how will they play today when they are not in an underdog like roll?  This is a game in which I believe Iowa State is getting close to putting together a full game.  Oklahoma has played in close games and might take their foot off the gas and be in a dog fight late.  Take Iowa State.


College Basketball 
2:30 PM EST 
Rotation #657
Wisconsin +3.5 over Illinois (loss)
You won’t find many more teams with the athletes that Illinois has, but this is a team that doesn’t play for 40 minutes.  The Badgers are a team full of seniors and they do have the size to match up with Illinois.  I believe Wisconsin will frustrate the Illini with their methodical pace and I believe will protect the ball enough not to give Illinois easy points.  Take Wisconsin.

College Basketball 
3:00 PM EST 
Rotation #665
Texas -2.5 over Oklahoma State (loss)
Texas is the most athletic team in the country and they are looking for a punching bag.  Oklahoma State is a good young team, but they depend too much on Cade Cunningham who as a young freshman can simply not show up for long periods of the game. The Longhorns should control the glass and be the more physical team.  Take Texas.