Saturday February 13th VIP Picks

Oklahoma vs West Virginia

College Basketball
1:00 PM EST
Rotation #617
Oklahoma +2.5 over West Virginia (win)
Lon Kruger is a great coach with a tested and veteran team.  Oklahoma has been short handed at times this year which got bench players valuable minutes.  This is going to be a team that is not going to bow out of this years tournament without a fight.  This team has won big road games so today is a perfect test against a physical WVU team.   The Sooners have a little bit more experience and pure shooters and should win this game outright.  Take Oklahoma.

College Basketball
2:00 PM EST
Rotation #637
Oregon +2 over Arizona (win)
Arizona is a big and physical team, but I am not so sure they will be able to handle the speedy Oregon guards.  This in an experienced Ducks team so the road won’t bother them at all.  Arizona is made up of players that just have not gotten many minutes as starters prior to this year and I just don’t think they can make the Ducks with enough offense on the scoreboard.  Take Oregon.

College Basketball
3:30 PM EST
Rotation #665
Georgia +13 over Alabama (loss)
Georgia can be frustrating to watch as they will make bad passes and miss 5 layups in a row, but I don’t think Bama should be huge favorites like this.   The Bulldogs have been playing better as of late and I believe can stay right in this game if they make a few three pointers and just don’t give up a ton of three pointers on the other end as Alabama loves to fire away.  Tom Crean is a veteran coach and needs to make his guys defend the 3 line today.  Take Georgia.