Monday September 18th Betting Recap

Picks for 9/18/23  

8:15 PM EST
Rotation #291-293
Browns/Steelers Under 39.5 (loss)
The rule for Monday Night Football is, would you play it on a Sunday? In tonight’s case, the answer is yes. The bad news is taking the under is the most boring wager of all time, and it’s tough to watch the game, but that’s what we are going with tonight. I don’t believe in the Steelers’ offense, but their defense has the most elite players on a roster in the NFL. I am not saying they are the best defense, but the deepest. The Browns offense likes to slow down the pace and run the ball so that the clock will move fast tonight. Cleveland has an outstanding defense and should shut down Kenny Pickett and the Steelers tonight. Early in the season, the defense has a huge advantage over the offense. I don’t expect a lot from either offense tonight.Take the Under