Monday November 22nd Betting Talk

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8:15 PM EST 
Rotation #478
Bucs -11 over Giants (win)
This season has been the most unpredictable NFL season is a long time.  Home teams cover just 41% of the time.  Home favorites cover just 37% of the time so far this year.  Everything we think we know one week is the opposite the next.  This is great for a fan of the game, but for a bettor makes it very hard.  Both double digit favorites didn’t cover this week.  Tonight we are on the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Tampa lost a tough game last week to Washington and you know they won’t be in for any let down opportunities because they were just embarrassed.  The Giants do not have the same defense the Washington team did up front.  Tampa is getting healthier on offense and should have no problem moving the chains tonight.  The Giants are a mess on offense as a lot of their running backs and receivers have been in and out of the lineup all year.  I am concerned with the Giants offensive line as a lot of their starters from last year are on IR.  I don’t think New York is as bad as their record, but this team just can’t catch a break when it comes to injuries.  I don’t think this will be massive blowout, but Tampa should win by more than 14 points.  Take the Bucs.