Monday January 11th VIP Picks

Alabama vs Ohio State

College Football Title Game
8:00 PM EST
Rotation #500
Alabama -8.5 over Ohio State (win)
This is going to be a great game, but it comes down to 2 main factors for me.  The first factor is I have never seen a group of receivers create the perfect spacing and score touchdowns on what should be 5 yard passes like I have seen from Alabama.  This unit are leap years better than any opposing secondary.  The Ohio State Secondary is their weakest link and I just don’t think they can matchup.  If Alabama gets Jaylen Waddle back it drives home the point even more.  The second factor is coaching.  Ryan Day is 41 years old and inherited a stacked lineup.  I am in no way shape or form saying he is a bad coach because he is a great coach, but is he ready to take down Nick Saban?  It took Dabo Swinney 8 years to get to the promise land.  From a fans perspective I really hate that the BIG 10 is celebrating with a team in the title game.  This is the conference that wanted to cancel the season all together and then bent the rules and bent them more and more to get Ohio State in the position to even qualify.  I am not faulting the Buckeyes.  They are not to blame for what their conference did to football this year, but it just doesn’t sit right.  Justin Fields is a great quarterback.  Ohio State is going to run their offense.  Alabama is going to run their offense well.  Sometimes these big profile games come down to a play or two that are impossible to handicap.  I think Alabama has a little bit better coaching and I don’t think this offense is going to be slowed down.  Take Alabama.