Friday May 6th Betting Recap

NBA + MLB  Picks for 5/6/22

7:00 PM EST
Rotation # 549
Heat -1.5 over Sixers (loss)
In the NBA playoffs, teams that win need a team effort. The Sixers super-star, Joel Embiid, has missed the first two games. The result of Embiid being out has been mass chaos. The Sixers are nothing without him. Philly spends a ton of money on him, which means less on bench players. The Sixers bench is holding them back, and these problems can’t be addressed until the offseason. Joel Embiid might play tonight, but it doesn’t solve the bench issues, and his injury must be serious because he missed games one and two. I don’t trust an injured player at this point in the year. Take the Heat.

10:15 PM EST
Rotation # 914
Giants -125 over Cardinals (loss)
The Cardinals have been on a roll while the Giants have been struggling. I believe Alex Cobb has the edge tonight because Jordan Hicks walks a lot of guys, and he is giving up the long ball this year more than he typically does. The Giants have been in an offensive slump and need to take advantage of all the walks they should get tonight. Take the Giants.