Friday June 11th VIP Picks

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7:30 PM EST
Rotation #532
Hawks +2 over Sixers (loss)
Home court means so much in these playoffs.  Atlanta won game one and Philly won game two.  I think these are two evenly matched teams.  Both teams play good defense and protect the three point line well.  I do think Atlanta has a little bit more energy in them.  Both teams have the ability to make runs as we saw in the first two games.  Atlanta is a lot quicker to the ball and if they move it well you see the Philly Defense break down.  The Hawks did a good job to tilt home court in their advantage and I believe will cash in tonight.  Take Atlanta. 

7:10 PM EST
Rotation #920
Red Sox -125 over Blue Jays (win)
Garrett Richards numbers are a little bit better than Ross Stripling.  Richards walks are a little high, but he doesn’t give up the homerun ball which is a big plus against a Toronto team that has power.  Boston beat up Ross Stripling in the prior meeting this year and I expect them to do so again today.  I like the Boston bullpen a little better as well.  Take the Red Sox.