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Hey Everyone, this is a promotion through DraftKings that I posted the other day. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to participate in some FREE MONEY, that’s right I said FREE, so I copied and reposted it today. I really hope everybody takes out the time to at least pad their wallet with $50 free bucks.

Hey guys not sure if I mentioned this already or not but DraftKings is having one of those “no-brainer” promotions to kick off the NFL season. Up until this Thursday’s game between KC and Houston, you can wager a max of $50 on KC +101 points. That’s right, in order for KC to lose, Houston has to win by 102 points. Lol Its free money, but again, they only let you max bet $50. It’s at -110 odds, so your $50.00 will win $45.00
But hey, Free Vacation money Ian!!!

Just thought I’d let ya’ll know, and you have plenty of time to deposit $50 and wager on that game before Thursday (gametime)

Hope everyone has a nice day today!