Week 5 NFL Free Pick

1:00 PM EST
Rotation #453-454
Jaguars +3 over Chiefs
Lost in the shuffle of how great Patrick Mahomes has been is the fact this Chiefs Defense has to be the worst in the NFL.  Mahomes in my opinion is going to be a great QB.  This guy is great at eluding the pass rush and turning water into wine.  Some players have the ability to turn nothing into something.  I do however dislike the hype for the young guy.  He has faced bad defenses so far and last week the Broncos really shut him out until the 4th quarter where the flukiest of plays kept drives going and the play clock hitting zero without a penalty happened.  I take nothing away from Mahomes, but you are not going to get that luck every week.  The Jaguars are a more complete football team and their defense is the best in the league.  Can this young QB for the Chiefs beat back to back championship level defenses in two weeks and on a short week?  Jacksonville should be able to run on the Chiefs just like every other team has done this year.  The Jaguars have already gotten over the hump on becoming an elite team.  The Chiefs are almost there and of course have to win playoff games.  I think the hype is a little too much.  Take the Jaguars.