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Steve Oldfield

Good day, Bob – this is exactly what is needed.

PS: you can call me out specifically in your post above, I have thicker skin than you clearly bc I can handle that but I call things out as I see it. I’ll give credit when credit is due (see above), and criticize when we are in the shitter, which we were. Back to my previous point, you can’t take the heat when you’re on a skid, but then demand praise after one good day. Put yourself on our side just one damn time. Even today, we had a good day, and you instantly go to the forum when something doesn’t go our way (I.e: “ And then the Bears get a Pick 6 and it’s called back on a penalty. A monster day is staring us right in the face and here comes the BS.”) – always straight to negative comments. Take a seat and watch the game. You made your picks, so let them play out instead of posting negative stuff on the forum. AND THEN you say you need to remove people from the forum for negativity. HA! You’re the leader of that. Common man!