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There ain’t no game being played tonight. Islanders are saying they don’t wanna play already. This is such horse shit! Flyers were in a good spot I think, gained a lot of momentum with the Win, I think Islanders are a little tired out today/tonight, and I just think it would have been a great spot for Flyers to go up 2-1 in the series…
But Noooooooooo, Evander Kane (NHL) feels pressure to boycott now, because the NBA and MLB are, so the NHL doesn’t wanna be looked at as the last league to always take action (which they are), blah blah blah, so Yeah mark my words, the Flyers aren’t playing tonight.
I am Soooooooo Pissed!!!!! Sorry for all the ranting guys, its just how I feel. I know.some people may not agree, this is just my.opinion.
Do somethong because you Believe In It. Don’t do something because you feel pressured to do so.
You wanna make a statement? Why don’t you play tonight’s game for free? That goes for the NBA, NHL, MLB, whoever…
Oh, I dunno anymore… so frustrating…