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Hey guys, from time to time a sportsbook offers a promotion that I like to refer to as “Free Money”, and I came across one of those today.
For those that use Fanduel Sportsbook, and even those of you that don’t, they are running a promotion where they were trying to see the MOST PEOPLE TO WAGER on the Clippers/Lakers game tonight, and the MORE PEOPLE THAT WAGER, THE HIGHER THE SPREAD GOES, and EVERYONE gets the FINAL POINT SPREAD.
Ok, so the spread started at Lakers -4 and the CURRENT SPREAD RIGHT NOW IS:
That’s Right +30!
Sooooooo, if you take the Lakers, which I did, you are GUARANTEED the ending point spread, which is currently up to +30, and there is still 3+ hours to wager on the game! (So, if you wager this minute, you are GUARANTEED at least Lakers +30.
NOW, if THIS isn’t “FREE MONEY”, than I don’t know what is!
I hope as many people read this as possible. (The only downside is there is a MAX $50 wager)
Yeah, their only trying to get people on board, but HEY, $50 is $50!!!

Hope Everyone Has a Great Night!