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Weird post of the day, since I’m watching xfl, I started doing some baseball stuff.

So, here’s what I did with some team totals for the year.

NYY OVER 101.5 -130 The won 103 last yr with almost the entire team on the DL and now they added Gerrit Cole, Red Sox lost a lot with this terrible trade with the Dodgers

TBAY OVER 90.5 They won 96 last yr despite losing to top starters for most of the year and a 3rd starter for a few months. They will miss Tommy Pham and Diaz but they have added even more power

MINNY OVER 91.5 The team won 101 last year and has improved slightly while Cleveland traded Kluber and their is a ? mark with Lindor

MIAMI UNDER 64.5 -105 This team is a mess. They won 57 last yr and will lose over 100 again. Except for Washington, every team is as good if not better. Philly should be stronger.

BALTIMORE UNDER 56.5 They won 54 last yr . Boston will slip but they had already underachieved last yr. Toronto and the young rookies figure to improve and I have both the Yanks and TBAY doing as good if not better

DETROIT UNDER 56.5 They won 47 last yr and the team is in decline. How on earth are they going to improve 10 games?