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Mark Ritter

Hey, guys. I’ve been around since about 2002 or 2003 here with Bob, although I took a few years off but I don’t hang around the forum a lot so I’m not really part of the family you guys have, but I think I remember some of you from covers back in the day. Seems like an awesome family here on BB’s forum. I might have to start hanging out more often.

Anyways, is there an update on BB? Does he have covid? Or could there have been a family emergency? I haven’t tried to contact him as I see some of you have, but I’m really surprised he didn’t get back to someone who texted him the other day? I don’t want to be blowing up his phone or email if he’s got more important things going on or if he’s dealing with his health.

Above all the sports stuff, BB is great and I’d consider him a friend although we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting. For you guys that are close with him, please keep us updated. I know we all wish him the best!