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Whew….Tks Troy all is good in the world now.

Today: 4/7

Toronto vs. Texas (Listed Pitchers Ryu vs. Gibson)
UNDER 4 1/2 -113 (1st 5 innings)

Oakland vs. Dodgers (Listed pitchers Bauer vs. Luzardo)
UNDER 8 1/2 -113 (Full Game)

Mets vs. Philadelphia (Listed Pitchers Peterson vs. Nola)
OVER 8 -115 (Full Game)

Yankees vs. Baltimore (Listed Pitchers Means vs. Tallion)
OVER 5 -113 (1st 5 innings)
OVER 9 -108 (Full Game)

All are listed Pitchers. If a pitching change the play is a NO-GO.