Balfe Report : Thursday August 30th

I know that you guys are excited, and how could you not be? The official kickoff to week one college football just hours away, but wait, there’s more. One week from this evening as well, the NFL season gets their season started. Exciting times here. You know, after 18 years in this industry it never gets old. I love it!

I just want to first thank all the VIP members that are back on board. Obviously, without your guys’ support, there is no  Thank you again, I look forward to getting the season started, and I promise you I will work my hardest as always to deliver to you winners.

If you’re not yet a member of the service, real simple, I’ll break it down as easily as possible. $239, a one time purchase. There’s no added fees or extra for this level of game. None of that. It’s a one time purchase of $239 gets you all my top rated college picks and pro picks for the entire season. This includes the college football bowl season, and the NFL playoffs, right through the Super Bowl. One time purchase. $239 gets it all.  (Click here to sign up)

You’ll get access to the members section at and you’ll get a toll free number to get your picks right over the phone. The link is right there on the screen, at All right guys, official kick off tonight. Our first pick of the season goes 8 PM Eastern Time. I hope to see you on board. I am excited to get the season started.

If you’re not ready to get on board, I’m sending you one free college and one free pro pick, each and every week, link and detail right there on the screen. Sign up with our newsletter or set up a free account. It takes five seconds. It’s easy, it’s free. I’ll also throw in the major league baseball season package, including the post season as well. What you’ll do each day is log in, get your picks in major league baseball, and then on the weekends you’ll get your one free college and one free NFL pick right there on the screen at

Your success depends on how much you respect this industry. If you just start throwing darts at games or just betting games because they’re on TV, you’re not going to have a lot of success. You have to be very selective. Remember, slow and steady wins this race. Respect it, put the time in, and you’ll make that cash.