Balfe Report : Friday October 5th

The first weekend of October off to a winning 2-0 start as New England Patriots -10 and the Patriots/Colts over the total 49 1/2 points, cash the ticket. On a Monday night or a Thursday night game, Sunday night game, you never want to play the Patriots and the over. You know it’s a big public play and you know that the books are just begging you take such, because everyone’s betting the Patriots and the over, but in a game like last night, I had to do it because the Colts were just not an NFL football team last night, and for them not being an NFL team because of all the injuries on the offensive line, the running back position and at the wide receiver position, not to mention the linebacker position and the defensive back position were an absolute mess last night they played actually, really good football, and I think this team, by the end of the year, maybe not a playoff team, but in that division, it’s going to go down to the end.  I think that’s a team that could creep in, and if they get healthy by the end of the year, they’ll be just fine. You can tell Andrew Luck going to be okay.  Coming back from that injury from last year, it’s going take him a couple weeks, but that team is going to be more than fine.  The rookie coaching staff, they’re a lot ahead of schedule despite their record.

How are you guys? Sports Handicapper Bob Balfe here. Big NFL and college football card coming up here in the month of October. My college and pro October VIP Month Package just $87 at, the link right there on the screen. I hope to see you guys onboard for this entire month of October. Last October, 25-10 against the spread. Here we are already 2-0 to start the first week of October.

Nothing on the football card here for Friday night. Major League Baseball one play. We’re going to go with the Brewers and the Rockies over the total of eight runs. Of course, the Rockies are still that baseball team with the brutal bullpen, so you can always expect some runs late in the game. I think Colorado found their bats last night as it was a tough loss for them. They had a really nice top of the ninth inning. They could have finished it off, but a couple bad at bats with one out, then two outs, and a really bad at bat with two outs swinging at three straight balls in the dirt got the Brewers out of that jam. They went on to win in extra innings. I do think the Rockies are capable of winning this game tonight, but I like the Over. I think the bats are going to be going, and I think you’ll see some late magic with that Colorado bullpen. Last couple nights, Colorado just haven’t been able to hit the ball, but what they showed us late in the game last night, a lot of hard hit balls and the outs. I think this team’s going to be just fine. I look for their bats to get going this afternoon in Milwaukee.

Again, your play here for Friday, Major League Baseball, the Brewers and the Rockies, over the total of eight runs. Of course, my Major League Baseball Season Package absolutely free of charge. The link’s right there on the screen to get the free baseball picks, and I’ll send you one free college and one free pro pick each and every week, so you want to get on that newsletter. Click the button there on the screen at

I’ll see you back here Saturday with your College Football Comp Pick.  Good luck.